aire.zmvm Unreleased

Bugs fixes and improvements

  • Fixed get_latest_imeca because values are no longer provided from the report page
  • Fixes get_station_imeca because the url to download the data changed
  • get_station_imeca and get_zone_imeca can now download PM25 data
  • Correct the pollutant code for PM25 to match other functions when using get_latest_data
  • Change the address to download archive data in the download_* functions
  • The 2016 wind speed data with errors has been corrected at the source, so functions that download it no longer give warnings.
  • Fixed get_station_imeca because when requesting pollutant that wasn’t O3 it returned an error.

aire.zmvm 0.8.2 2019-03-30

New features

  • Added new stations FAR and SAC to the stations data.frame

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixes get_station_imeca because of a change in the website

aire.zmvm 0.8.1 2019-02-06

Bug fixes and improvements

  • get_zone_imeca and get_latest_imeca now return NULL when is down
  • convert_to_index added ‘PELIGROSA’ category
  • convert_to_imeca uses NADF-009-AIRE-2017 to convert concentration units to IMECA

aire.zmvm 0.8.0 2018-10-30

New features

  • download_24hr_average Download archives of the 24 hour averages of PM10 and SO2
  • download_deposition Download Rainfall Samples Archives
  • download_lead Download Lead Pollution Archives
  • download_meteorological Download Meteorological Data Archives
  • download_pollution Download Pollution Archives
  • download_pressure Download Atmospheric Pressure Archives
  • download_radiation Download Ultraviolet Radiation Archives
  • convert_to_index Convert a concentration value to one of 5 categories

Bug fixes and improvements

  • The get_*_data functions now use as referrer
  • Since there are errors in the wind speed data some functions show a warning or prohibit downloading if certain time ranges are requested

aire.zmvm 0.6.1 2018-04-19

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Make sure the get_station_imeca example is not run

aire.zmvm 0.6.0 2018-03-25

New features

  • function get_station_imeca for downloading pollution data in IMECAs from each station
  • get_station_month_data replaces get_station_data_monthly. Allows for downloading daily maximums and daily minimums
  • get_station_data now can download TMP, WSP, WDR and RH data back to 1986
  • zones data.frame with the municipios belonging to each geographic zone of Mexico city

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Define the geographic zones for measuring pollution in the documentation
  • Correct the date ranges for the values needed to declare pollution emergencies in the README
  • Messages about measuring stations no longer included in the index are now shown with message() instead of warning()
  • Messages about changes in the way the IMECA is computed are now shown with message() instead of warning()
  • get_station_data no longer gives a warning when downloading data from 2012 to 2015
  • get_station_data progress bar now works correctly
  • get_station_month_data warnings when data doesn’t match the archives

Deprecated and Defunct

  • get_latest_data is deprecated. You should instead use get_latest_imeca.
  • get_zone_data is deprecated. You should instead use get_zone_imeca.
  • get_station_data_monthly is deprecated. You should instead use get_station_month_data.
  • showWarnings argument to get_zone_imeca was deprecated for show_messages.

aire.zmvm 0.5.0 2017-11-12

  • First release

New functionality:

  • get_station_data()
  • get_zone_data()
  • get_latest_data()
  • idw360()
  • stations data.frame