A website to remind you the state of Mexico City's government is literally non-ironically poisoning you this instant

Created by: Diego Valle-Jones

Embed the map in your website

You can embed the real-time pollution map in your blog or website by using the following code

<iframe src="https://hoyodesmog.diegovalle.net/index.html" width="400" height="600"></iframe>

You can change the height and width to suit your needs.

About the Maps

Air quality in CDMX™ is recorded by the Sistema de Monitoreo Atmosférico de la Ciudad de México, using a series of monitoring stations distributed throughout Mexico City which send their data to a processing center every hour,

The frontpage map uses the 0-500 IMECA scale, based on the standard set by Mexican government. The value shown corresponds to the highest value among all pollutants, but it's usually either ozone or PM10. To create a continuous map I divided Mexico City into 10,000 cells and computed the value of each cell by inverse distance weighting to each of the stations using the constants described in Pollution models and inverse distance weighting: Some critical remarks.

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