List of air quality parameters of a measuring station for which SINAICA has data

sinaica_station_params(station_id, type = "Crude")



the numeric code corresponding to each station. See stations_sinaica for a list of stations and their ids.


The type of data to download. One of the following:

  • "Crude" - Crude data that has not been validated

  • "Validated" - Validated data (may not be the most up-to-date)

  • "Manual" - Manual data


a data.frame with the parameters supported by the station


## id 271 is Xalostoc. See `stations_sinaica` df <- sinaica_station_params(271, "Crude") head(df)
#> param_code param_name #> 1 SO2 Dióxido de azufre #> 2 NO2 Dióxido de nitrógeno #> 3 DV Dirección del viento #> 4 HR Humedad relativa #> 5 CO Monóxido de carbono #> 6 NO Óxido nítrico