Retrieve hourly averages of pollution data, by station, measured in IMECAs

get_station_imeca(pollutant, date, show_messages = TRUE)



The type of pollutant to download

  • "SO2" - Sulfur Dioxide

  • "CO" - Carbon Monoxide

  • "NO2" - Nitrogen Dioxide

  • "O3" - Ozone

  • "PM10" - Particulate matter 10 micrometers or less


The date for which to download data in YYYY-MM-DD format (the earliest possible date is 2009-01-01).


show a message about issues with excluded stations


A data.frame with pollution data measured in IMECAs, by station. The hours correspond to the Etc/GMT+6 timezone, with no daylight saving time


Note that in 2015 it was determined that the stations with codes ACO, AJU, INN, MON and MPA would no longer be taken into consideration when computing the pollution index because they didn't meet the objectives of monitoring air quality, and are no longer included in the index, even if they are still part of the SIMAT (Sistema de Monitoreo Atmosférico de la Ciudad de México). Thus, even if they are located inside a zone, they are not included in the pollution values for that zone.

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## There was an ozone pollution emergency on May 15, 2017
df_o3 <- get_station_imeca("O3", "2017-05-15", show_messages = FALSE)

## Convert to local Mexico City time
df_o3$mxc_time <- format(as.POSIXct(paste0(df_o3$date,
                                           " ",
                                    tz = "Etc/GMT+6"),
                         tz = "America/Mexico_City")
head(df_o3[order(-df_o3$value), ])
# }